Community Supervision and Corrections Department

Community Supervision (probation) is the lawful practice of the placement of a defendant by a court under a continuum of programs and sanctions, with conditions imposed by the court for a specified period of time.

The primary roles of the Community Supervision and Corrections Department are to promote public safety and to promote lawful behavior by defendants in the community.

Angelina County CSCD Vision Statement

The Angelina County Community Supervision and Corrections Department is dedicated to providing justice and safety in the community Through:

  • Utilizing a community corrections approach that is evidence based, community oriented and instills within the individual accountability and responsibility for their actions;
  • Developing and maintaining a strong collaborative partnership with all criminal justice and human service agencies involved in the community;
  • Supporting all victims by providing restorative justice interventions;
  • Encouraging the growth and well being of all staff.

Community Benefit

  • Most offenders in the community under supervision are taxpaying members of society.
  • The cost of incarceration in prison is about $40.00 per day, while the cost to supervise nonviolent offenders in the community is $2.00 per day.
  • Offenders supervised in the community pay up to $60.00/month in supervision (user) fees to local departments.
  • Offenders are required to pay court costs, fines, attorney fees, as well as restitution to the victims of their crimes.
  • Offenders contribute over 31,000 hours of non-paid labor to local nonprofit agencies through community service.

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Lufkin, TX 75902

P. O. Box 908
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Marcy Anthony 936-633-7642
Unit Supervisors  
Beverly Baker (Misdemeanor) 936-633-7664
Dustin Fore (Felony) 936-633-7646
Lynn Hamel (Specialized) 936-633-7656
Budget Director
Lucy Reyes 936-633-7659
Juanita Aguilar 936-633-7640
Offender Assessment Coordinators  
Jacquelyn Nash 936-633-7650
Cassey Cox 936-633-7661
Court Liasion (Felony)  
Erica Segura 936-633-7616
Court Liason (Misdemeanor)  
Tracy Portwood 936-633-7654
Residential Placement Specialist  
Jane Hodges 936-633-7652
Casework Technicians  
Shelby Linton 936-633-7657
Elvia Santana 936-633-7662
TAIP Coordinator  
Amber Youngblood 936-633-7647
Felony Supervision Officers  
Michael Bennett 936-633-7638
Everardo Compean (High Risk Offender Office) 936-633-7644
Jamie Garcia (High Risk Offender Office) 936-633-7670
Amy Freeman 936-633-7677
Mark French 936-633-7651
Ruth Contreras 936-633-7653
Christopher Harris 936-633-7615
Melvin Hicks 936-633-7678
David Petersen (Field Officer) 936-633-7641
Christopher Harris (Field Officer) 936-633-7615
Cheryl Hester 936-633-7672
Misdemeanor Supervision Officers  
Radolfo Ramirez 936-633-7639
Kristina Brooks 936-633-7668
Ireyda Martin 936-633-7660
Jessica Burnett 936-633-7645
Specialized Supervision Officers  
Krystal Garcia (Drug Court Officer) 936-633-7671
Caleb Bunn (Sex Offender Officer & Senior Officer) 936-633-7667
Michelle Greening (SAFPF Coordinator) 936-633-7655
Paly Jackson (Senior Officer/SAFPF Drug Court Officer) 936-633-7649
Dain Smith (Senior Officer/Mentally Impaired Offender Officer) 936-633-7666