Hot Checks Department

The Angelina County Attorney’s Hot Check Department is a service to help people get money back from those who would steal with a hot check.

The principal duties of Angelina County Attorney’s Hot Check Department are to:

  • Help County Merchants who have received bad/hot checks.
  • Send out letters of notification to those who have signed bad checks to advise them they have ten days to respond.
  • Monitor response to notification letters.
  • Follow up when necessary with a second/final notice.
  • File complaints with County Clerk’s office when no response is received to letters of notification.
  • Accept restitution for bad/hot checks by mail or in person.
  • Ensure that involved merchants receive monies owed to them.
  • Maintain open files on bad/hot checks until restitution is made. 

Office Location

Angelina County Courthouse
215 East Lufkin Avenue
1st. Floor, Room 115
Lufkin, Texas

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 1845
Lufkin, Texas 75902-1845

Phone 936-634-5995


New Merchant Form

Certificate of Mailing


Hot Checks

To Mail Restitution
Mail To:  
Angelina County Attorney’s Office
Po Box 1845
Lufkin, Texas, 75902