JP 1 Open Records Requests

Public Access to Records of the Justice  Courts of

Angelina County, Texas

The Texas  Public   Information Act  does  not  apply  to  the judiciary.

The purpose of this rule is provide public  access to information in the judiciary consistent with the mandates of the Texas Constitution that the public interest are best served by open courts and  by an independent judiciary.


IT IS ORDERED the following shall be the local rule of the Justice Courts of Angelina County, Texas, related to the request for the inspection and/or copies of records made or maintained by or for the courts in their regular course of business. Pursuant to Sec. 27.061.


The Judge is the Custodian of Records. not the Clerk(s)


Procedures for Obtaining Access to the inspection and/or copies of records made or maintained by or for the courts in their regular course of   business.


  1. All person(s) requesting to inspect or copy records made or maintained by or for the courts in their regular course of business shall submit a written request to the custodian of records (Judge) and according to the court's reasonable procedures and must include sufficient information to reasonably identify the record requested. The time for response does not begin to run until the referral is actually received by the custodian of records.


  1. Requests shall be submitted on the form provided by the court. The court form is located on the court's website or a copy may be obtained from the court's office. The request shall be submitted by postal mail, fax, in person, or electronically.                                                                                                                                                                                  
  1. All electronic requests shall be submitted through the court's web portal at Electronic Requests will be accepted only if they are sent through the Public Information   Request page web portal. Electronic record requests not submitted through the web portal will be returned to  be re- submitted through the web portal.


  1. The request shall not be addressed to any other custodian of record or multiple custodians of record.


  1. The request must be for records that have already been created and are in existence, i.e. the request may not be for "prospective" or "future" records that may or may not be created at some time in the future.


  1. The requester may be required to pay the reasonable costs incurred by the court in identifying, locating, redacting (if necessary to protect confidential personal information) and copying the documents requested. In the case of voluminous requests, an advance payment of a portion of the estimated cost, or other appropriate  arrangements,  may be  required.


  1. Requests not in compliance with this Administrative Order will be returned to the requester for correction and re-submission.


  1. Inspection and delivery of copies will be made as soon as practicable and not more than 14 days after actual receipt of a request to inspect or copy a judicial record, filed in accordance with this Administrative  Order,  if the record is  available.


  1. Delivery of requested records maybe forwarded electronically, fax, in person, or postal service to a requester who has prepaid the postage.