General Rules of Attire and Conduct for Justice of the Peace Court

ALL PERSONS present in the Courtroom shall be clean and neatly dressed in a manner that show dignity and respect for the Court. Respect is the Order of Business for the Courtroom.

Unacceptable attire includes: 
Shorts, cut-offs, baggy pants, (pants shall be worn at waist line), flip-flop shoes, house shoes, bedroom slippers, caps and hats.
Muscle shirts, T-shirts, clothing indicating gang affiliation or other clothing with offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, obscene, suggestive words, slogans, depictions, or pictures, including grotesque creatures. Shirts that are torn, dirty, and ragged will not be allowed. All shirts must be tucked inside pants.
Provocative clothing designed, styled, or worn to provoke emotion or to be disruptive.
NOTE: Students may dress in accordance with respective school dress codes. However, all shirts must be tucked inside of pants.

  • Weapons are prohibited in the courtroom and this building except for law enforcement personnel.
  • You are Subject to Search!
  • Be on time.
  • Rise when the Judge enters and remain standing until the Judge is seated. Rise when the Judge exits the courtroom.
  • Do not argue with the Court.
  • Address the Court as “Judge” or “Your Honor”.
  • Address opposing parties, counsel, witnesses and court officers as “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Miss”, “Dr.”, etc. Do not use first names, except with children sixteen (16) years of age and younger. Responses shall include “yes sir”, “yes ma’am”, “no ma’am”, etc.
  • Do not approach the Judge’s bench without permission. Do not rest arms on the bench
  • Do not bring drink or food or chew gum in the Courtroom. The use of tobacco is prohibited.
  • Do not talk at the same time as the Court, opposing counsel, or witnesses. Courtroom visitors should not engage in excessive loud talk or conversation.
  • Racist, sexist, obscene or profane language is prohibited unless it is pertinent to a case, and is elicited and quoted from facts in the case.
  • Do nothing to disturb or distract the Court, counsels, witnesses, or other Court personnel. Once Court is in session you are expected to remain seated.
  • It is normally inappropriate to bring small infants or young children into a court proceeding. Please refrain from doing so unless the presence of the child is necessary for the proceeding.
  • Pagers and cellular phones are inappropriate in the Courtroom. Please turn them off before entering the Courtroom.
  • No recording devices are allowed without judicial approval.
  • All property in the Courtroom and reception areas must be treated with respect.
  • No writing on any posted papers or on furniture.