Open Records Request

Public Information request, (also referred to as an Open Records Request) is a request for public information contained in the files or records of a Governmental Body or Judiciary.  Requests are governed by different rights to access, such as Public Information Act, Common Law, Rule 12, etc., based on the information being requested.

A Public Information request (or Open Records Request) must be for the inspection or a copy of existing records and must be in writing.

Procedures to Obtain Information
  • Submit your written request by mail, in person, or electronically by using the Angelina County web portal for Open Records Request.
  • Include enough description and detail about the request to enable the Custodian of Records for the information that you are requesting to be identified and located.
  • Respond to written estimates of charges for reproducing records and make timely payment for all mutually agreed charges.

To submit a Public Information or Open Records Request to the Custodian of Records by mail, please click the link below to obtain the request form.  The form should then be submitted to Custodian of Records for the appropriate office that holds the information you are requesting. You can find the physical mailing addresses of Department Heads and Elected Officials here.

Electronic requests are only accepted through Angelina County’s Open Records Request web portal.  Click the link below to access the web portal.

Download Request Form Web Portal Submission