Property Tax:  Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I pay my property taxes?
You can pay your taxes in person at 606 E Lufkin Ave in Lufkin, 211 N Temple in Diboll, 205 Gibson in Huntington, or at 134 Warren St in Zavalla. You can mail tax payments to P O Box 1344, Lufkin, TX  75902-1344.  You can pay online by credit, debit card or by online check by going to

I am paying by check. What information do I need to reference what I am paying and who do I make the check payable to?
Always reference the property ID you are paying on your check.  You can make the check payable to “Tax Office”.

Can I make partial payments?
You can contact the Tax Office and ask about:

  1. Making partial payments
  2. Setting up a payment agreement (certain conditions apply)
  3. Setting up a four payment plan option for homeowners who are: disabled or at least 65 years of age; and qualified for an exemption under Section 11.13(c) or Section 11.22.

Can I pay my current taxes first, before my delinquent taxes?
Please tell us in person, or indicate on your check or online payment that you want to pay the current taxes first.

Can I make monthly payments?
Contact our office at 936-634-8376, extension 2, and ask the clerk about setting up a payment agreement (certain conditions apply).  You can take it upon yourself to make monthly payments, without a formal agreement.  Please always make your property identification number available to us for processing to the correct account(s).

When are the statements mailed and when are the taxes due?
Tax property statements are mailed to the last known owner at the last known address as close to October 1st as possible, and are due by January 31st of the next year.  If January 31st falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline extends to the next business day afterward.  Mailed payments are considered timely as long as the US Postmark is by the last day.  Online payments are considered timely as long as the transaction date and time is consistent with the last day.

I received a bill for personal property taxes, but I do not own any real estate. I lease property for my (business, mobile home, etc), shouldn’t the property owner pay these taxes?
All businesses are taxed on their personal property (furniture, fixtures, inventory, machinery, equipment, etc) and mobile home owners are billed for their mobile homes, even if they do not own the land it sits on.  The real estate owner receives a separate tax statement for their property (land and buildings).

Why do I have to pay penalty and interest when I did not get a statement?
If you own property and do not receive a tax statement by late October, it is YOUR
responsibility to notify us and request one.  Taxes are due the same time every year, and you should know the deadline is January 31st.

I paid my house off. How do I make sure I get the tax statement?
Tax statements are mailed as close to October 1st as possible.  If you do not receive a statement by late October, please call our office (936-634-8376, ext. 2) and request one.

Can the delinquent tax attorney sell my property for delinquent taxes?
Your property can be sold at a tax sale for delinquent taxes.  The delinquent tax attorney can file suit with the District Clerk’s office, and a judgment can be granted by the court.  The tax attorney and sheriff’s department can then auction your property at a tax sale.

I no longer own this property, what should I do with the tax statement?
Please return the statement to our office, along with a note stating you no longer own the property.

How do I apply for a homestead exemption?
In order to receive an exemption for homestead it must be your primary residence.  Apply for a homestead exemption at the appraisal district, 418 N Second St, Lufkin; or call them at 936-634-8456.

The name or address on this statement is not correct. What do I do?
The appraisal district is responsible for determining ownership of each property.  Please contact them at 936-634-8456 to get corrections made.

Why are my taxes higher this year than last year?
Your appraised value is determined by the appraisal district, and it could have increased since last year.  The taxing jurisdictions set the tax rates, and they may have increased the rates since last year.  One, or a combination of these two reasons may be the answer to your questions. The tax office does not appraise property, nor does it set tax rates.

The appraisal district adjusted the value of my property. Will I get a new statement?
Once the appraisal district completes a set of value adjustments, they will be forwarded to the tax office, and the changes will be loaded into our system.  Once we make the adjustments, we will send you a statement for tax due, or a refund if you have already paid the taxes.  *Changes in the process of being made to an existing account at the appraisal district is still subject to penalty and interest if not paid by January 31st.*

If I pay somebody’s delinquent taxes, can I get a deed to that property?
No.  You must obtain property in a legal manner, such as purchasing it, inheriting it, or being gifted it.  The only way to obtain property for delinquent property tax is to purchase it in a Sheriff’s Tax Sale.