Thank you for visiting the Commendations or Complaints page on the Angelina County website for the Sheriff’s Department.  It is the mission and goal of the Sheriff’s Department to serve all the citizens of Angelina County in a courteous, business-like and professional manner.  We understand that not all outcomes of our citizen interaction rises to the level of satisfaction to some of the parties involved.  Our deputies always follow the law and work hard to explain what action we can and cannot take within the limitations they work under, those being state and federal law, court rulings and department policy.  Our goal, in situations that are not strict enforcement of the law matters, is to help arrive at a solution to the problem that the affected parties can walk away with that results in a peaceful resolution.

If you have a complaint about an officer, a department policy or how a situation was handled, please let us know in order that we can make an attempt to resolve the issue.  Complaints taken through this portal will be reviewed for administrative purposes only and may or may not be responded to.  Any formal complaint against any person at the sheriff’s department will need to be lodged in person and in writing at the sheriff’s department at 2311 East Lufkin Avenue.

If you have a commendation to make on a member of the sheriff’s department, please do so through this portal and please describe the circumstances surrounding the officer interaction and a brief description of what occurred.

The sheriff’s department is interested in public feedback related to our personnel’s field activities and appreciate your willingness to communicate your satisfaction or concerns with the manner in which we do business.

Sheriff Tom Selman