County Attorney

The County Attorney handles criminal misdemeanor cases, civil suits affecting the county, Juvenile Court, mental commitment proceedings, bond forfeitures, and probation revocations. The County Attorney is the chief legal advisor to the county and usually handles all county requests for legal opinions from the State Attorney General’s Office.

Office Location

Angelina County Courthouse
215 East Lufkin Avenue
1st. Floor, Room 115
Lufkin, Texas

Mailing Address

P. O. Box 1845
Lufkin, Texas 75902-1845

Phone 936-639-3929

Hot Checks Department

Assistant County Attorney’s
Johanna Curry - 936-639-3929
Gary Taylor - 936-639-3929
James Yakovsky - 936-639-3929

Katrina Carswell - 936-639-3929
Kathy Dillard - 936-639-3929
Linda Poskey - 936-639-3929
Kristen Russell - 936-639-3929 
Hot Checks  
Michelle Kubiak - 936-634-5995
Emily DeLaFosse - 936-634-5995 
Steve Sikes - 936-634-5995