Angelina County Jail Roster


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Total Inmates: 257

NameSexHeightWeightEye ColorHair ColorBooking Date
ABEL, JAMES KEITHMale5 Ft. 9 In.175 Lbs.BlueBrown09/12/2016
AGUILAR, JUANMale6 Ft. 1 In.205 Lbs.BrownBlack09/28/2016
AGUILAR, LUIS ALBERTO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 5 In.194 Lbs.BrownBlack09/15/2016
AKRIDGE, JIM ERNESTMale6 Ft.180 Lbs.BlueBrown09/05/2016
ALEXANDER, DAVID CHRISTIANMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack08/20/2016
ALEXANDER, TIFFANY NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.100 Lbs.BrownSandy09/22/2016
ALLEN, CORY RANDALLMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.GreenSandy06/22/2016
AMIE, DAMIEN JEWAMale6 Ft. 2 In.245 Lbs.BrownBlack09/12/2016
AMIE, DARION ANTHONYMale6 Ft. 2 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack09/28/2016
ARLINE, CHARLES EUGENE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.237 Lbs.BrownBlack07/02/2016
BAKER, NICHOLAS DWAYNEMale5 Ft. 8 In.155 Lbs.BrownBrown10/31/2015
BARLOW, TERRY BELLINI, IIMale5 Ft. 5 In.135 Lbs.BlackBlack07/13/2016
BARNES, TOBIOUS JACOBMale5 Ft. 9 In.173 Lbs.BrownBlack09/14/2016
BARRON, JUAN ANTONIOMale5 Ft. 7 In.140 Lbs.BrownBrown09/29/2016
BASEY, NICHOLAS DARWINMale6 Ft. 1 In.215 Lbs.BlueSandy08/18/2016
BECKER, CHRISTOPHER LYNNMale5 Ft. 10 In.145 Lbs.BlueBrown08/11/2016
BECKS, CHARLES EDWARD, Jr.Male6 Ft.300 Lbs.BrownBlack08/15/2016
BENTLEY, EDWARD DWAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown08/20/2016
BERRY, STEPHANIE DAWNFemale5 Ft. 2 In.111 Lbs.GreenSandy09/21/2016
BLACK, RUBEN DEVONMale5 Ft. 10 In.137 Lbs.BrownBlack07/01/2016
BLAKE, ELBERT DWAYNEMale6 Ft.245 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey03/26/2016
BOGAN, DEION RAVIONMale5 Ft. 11 In.195 Lbs.BrownBlack09/22/2016
BONILLA, JOEY AUSTIN MONTANAMale5 Ft. 10 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown09/09/2016
BRATCHETT, ROBERT EARLMale5 Ft. 5 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack09/10/2016
BRIMER, RICKY DALEMale6 Ft.280 Lbs.BrownBrown01/06/2016
BROOKS, LINDSEY NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 5 In.160 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry09/14/2016
BROOMFIELD, JAMES TREVORMale5 Ft. 5 In.154 Lbs.BlueBrown09/02/2016
BROWN, BOBBY DEWAYNEMale7 Ft.160 Lbs.HazelBrown08/26/2015
BROWN, BRADLEY CARLMale6 Ft. 4 In.205 Lbs.HazelBrown07/08/2016
BROWN, GRADYMale5 Ft. 9 In.170 Lbs.BlueBrown08/24/2016
BRUTON, ANTHONY RASHAUDMale5 Ft. 5 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack07/31/2016
BUCKNER, SHAWN DAVIDMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BlueBrown09/20/2016
BUENO, TAWNI RENEEFemale5 Ft. 8 In.145 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry09/21/2016
BUSH, TERRY LEE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack08/26/2016
BYRD, NATHAN ROBERTMale5 Ft. 9 In.140 Lbs.HazelBrown09/18/2016
CASE, JOHN SCOTTMale6 Ft. 4 In.250 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey07/02/2016
CASEY, QUINCY DAYSHONEMale5 Ft. 11 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack08/06/2016
CHANEY, JAMES WILLIAMMale6 Ft.215 Lbs.GreenBrown04/08/2016
CHAVEZ, FRANCISCO JAVIERMale5 Ft. 5 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack09/09/2016
CHIPMAN, SHARON COLLEENFemale5 Ft. 10 In.183 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry08/16/2016
COCHRAN, CHANCEY MARIEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.140 Lbs.BlueBrown07/28/2016
COOK, KRYSTAL LOUISEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.140 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry07/18/2016
CORDERO, FRANCISCOMale5 Ft. 6 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack09/06/2016
CORDERO, JOSE MANUELMale5 Ft. 8 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack09/25/2016
CORPUS, FABIAN VASQUESMale5 Ft. 8 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack06/06/2016
CORTEZ, LEONARDO FRANCISCOMale5 Ft. 8 In.175 Lbs.BrownUnknown or Bald09/25/2016
COUTEE, ANTHONY RAYMale5 Ft. 7 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack09/07/2016
CRAFT, TIVIRUS DESHUN, Sr.Male6 Ft.215 Lbs.BrownBlack06/13/2016
CRAGER, LANCE MONTGOMERYMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BlueBrown08/19/2016
CRUZ, ARTUROMale6 Ft. 2 In.300 Lbs.BrownBlack09/27/2016
CURL, ERICMale5 Ft. 10 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack09/10/2016
CURL, WILLIAM DEWAYNEMale6 Ft. 1 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack12/21/2015
CUTTLER, BILLIE JEANFemale4 Ft. 10 In.170 Lbs.BrownBrown10/09/2015
DAVIS, ANGELO MOZELLMale6 Ft. 1 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack09/09/2016
DAVIS, JA'BRYANT O'KEITHMale6 Ft. 4 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack09/26/2016
DAVIS, KINDRICK LEEMale5 Ft. 7 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack07/31/2016
DAVIS, PATRICIA SCURLOCKFemale5 Ft. 7 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown09/07/2016
DAY, LUCINDA RENEFemale5 Ft. 2 In.140 Lbs.HazelRed or Auburn08/20/2016
DELACRUZ, ANICETOMale5 Ft. 5 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack08/29/2016
DEMPSEY, RONALD EDWARDMale6 Ft. 1 In.215 Lbs.BlueBrown05/09/2016
DENUM, ROBERT LEE, IVMale6 Ft.230 Lbs.BrownBrown09/23/2016
DEPRIEST, JENNIFERFemale5 Ft. 3 In.190 Lbs.BrownBrown08/28/2016
DEWITT, BRANT ALANMale6 Ft. 1 In.140 Lbs.HazelBrown09/13/2016
DOAN, DO VANMale5 Ft. 3 In.115 Lbs.BrownBlack09/21/2016
DODD, JUSTIN ELLISMale5 Ft. 8 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack09/20/2016
DORRIS, THOMASMale6 Ft.180 Lbs.HazelBrown09/08/2016
DORSEY, JERINATTE JAYELLENMale6 Ft. 4 In.247 Lbs.HazelBlack09/03/2016
DRIVER, JOSHUA ARONMale6 Ft. 4 In.12/30/2015
DURBIN, BRIAN COREYMale5 Ft. 3 In.115 Lbs.BrownBrown07/01/2016
EBARB, JAYMale5 Ft. 9 In.180 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry09/26/2016
EDWARDS, DENERIK DESHAWNMale5 Ft. 8 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack09/28/2016
EDWARDS, MARQUIS DAMONMale5 Ft. 10 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack04/29/2016
EDWARDS, TERENCE DEONMale5 Ft. 4 In.150 Lbs.BlackBlack06/08/2016
ELAM, DEVON MALIKMale5 Ft. 5 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack06/10/2016
ENRIQUE, ANGEL DE DIOSMale6 Ft.195 Lbs.BrownBlack09/22/2016
EVANS, CHARLES LEE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.230 Lbs.HazelBrown12/16/2015
EVANS, JOSHUA MARKMale5 Ft. 9 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown08/23/2016
FIELDS, WILLIAM EARLMale5 Ft. 10 In.180 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey06/20/2016
FILIP, CASSIE CAROLFemale5 Ft. 1 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown06/20/2016
FLANAGAN, DEONDRE MARQUISEMale5 Ft. 8 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack08/19/2016
FORSYTHE, WILLARD ROBERTMale5 Ft. 11 In.185 Lbs.BrownBrown08/20/2016
FRUSHA, STEVEN CARROLLMale6 Ft. 1 In.190 Lbs.BrownBrown09/08/2016
FUERTE, CHRISTOPHERMale6 Ft.180 Lbs.BrownBlack09/04/2016
FULLERTON, CHARLES BRANDONMale6 Ft.165 Lbs.BrownBrown09/02/2016
GARAY, CARLOS FIGUEROAMale5 Ft. 4 In.210 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey07/26/2016
GARCIA, GABRIEL GERARDOMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack09/17/2016
GARDNER, JEROMEMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown06/21/2016
GARRETT, JAMES CHARLESMale5 Ft. 4 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack09/21/2016
GERMANY, TIMOTHY LEEMale6 Ft.150 Lbs.BlueBrown09/23/2016
GILMORE, CLAYTON WESTLEYMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.BrownBrown07/15/2016
GLOVER, TY ROBERTMale6 Ft. 1 In.180 Lbs.GreenBrown06/03/2016
GONZALEZ, EDUARDOMale5 Ft. 10 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack06/23/2016
GONZALEZ, FERNANDO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.218 Lbs.BrownBrown09/01/2016
GONZALEZ, MARIO ALBERTOMale6 Ft. 2 In.216 Lbs.BrownBlack09/27/2016
GONZALEZ, PERFECTO MAXMale5 Ft. 5 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack09/26/2016
GOOLSBY, JAMES EARL, Jr.Male5 Ft. 5 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack09/04/2016
GRADY, RUSTON CHRISTOPHERMale6 Ft.210 Lbs.BrownBlack09/15/2016
GREER, DEMARCUS D'SHAYMale5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack09/02/2016
GRIFFIN, JULIOUS JAMALMale5 Ft. 5 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack09/12/2016
GRIFFIN, ZARNOFF TERRANCE, Sr.Male5 Ft. 10 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack05/03/2016
GUYTON, KORI ANTWONEMale6 Ft. 1 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack07/10/2016
GUZMAN, BREANNEFemale5 Ft. 3 In.164 Lbs.GreenBrown09/12/2016
GUZMAN, JOSE PEDRO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.205 Lbs.BrownBlack08/13/2016
HADNOT, LEROY DEWAYNE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 10 In.250 Lbs.BrownBlack08/24/2016
HALE, RODERICK DEMONDMale5 Ft. 11 In.155 Lbs.BrownBlack07/27/2016
HAMEL, DEIDRAFemale5 Ft. 5 In.165 Lbs.BlueBrown08/30/2016
HAMILTON, LARRY DONELLMale6 Ft. 2 In.185 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey09/14/2016
HANAK, ALEXANDER STEPHENMale5 Ft. 6 In.123 Lbs.HazelRed or Auburn02/02/2016
HARTFIELD, ASHLEY LEANNFemale5 Ft. 2 In.148 Lbs.BrownBrown07/26/2016
HARTSFIELD, DAMION REIONMale6 Ft.130 Lbs.BrownBlack06/16/2016
HATHORN, DENVER BLAKEMale5 Ft. 9 In.155 Lbs.HazelBrown07/03/2016
HENRY, CURTIS ANTHONYMale6 Ft. 4 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack08/19/2016
HERNANDEZ, SAULMale6 Ft.195 Lbs.BrownBald08/26/2016
HIGGINS, MARQUITA SHAMICAFemale5 Ft. 10 In.140 Lbs.BrownBrown04/21/2016
HODGES, NICKIE LYNNFemale5 Ft. 3 In.140 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry08/13/2016
HOLCOMBE, RICHARD MATTHEWMale5 Ft. 10 In.175 Lbs.BrownBrown09/25/2016
HOLMES, GEORGE RAYMale6 Ft. 2 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack04/21/2016
HULETT, DEVANTE LAKEITHMale6 Ft. 1 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack09/06/2016
HUNT, JOHNNY, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.165 Lbs.BlackBlack06/13/2015
HURLEY, DAVID S.Male5 Ft. 8 In.170 Lbs.GreenBrown05/19/2016
IRVINE, XAVIOUS D'QUANMale6 Ft.275 Lbs.BrownBlack03/11/2015
JACKSON, AMICK SELMONEMale5 Ft. 3 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack08/14/2016
JAIMES, ALISON TAYLORFemale5 Ft. 4 In.130 Lbs.GreenBrown08/03/2016
JASSO, RODOLFO ANTONIOMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack08/29/2016
JENKINS, MICHAEL PRESTONMale5 Ft. 6 In.165 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry09/28/2016
JOHNSON, JABARION MANTRELLMale5 Ft. 8 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack08/13/2016
JOHNSON, JACK HILDRED, Jr.Male6 Ft.170 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry08/10/2016
JOHNSON, VICTORIA AINYEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown09/14/2016
JONES, ANTHONY WAYNEMale5 Ft. 4 In.180 Lbs.HazelBrown09/08/2016
JONES, JUSTIN STORMEMale5 Ft. 10 In.175 Lbs.BlueBrown09/19/2016
JONES, LYQUANDLYN YVETTEFemale5 Ft. 7 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack08/20/2016
JONES, RUSSELL LEEMale6 Ft. 1 In.270 Lbs.BrownBlack08/10/2016
JONES, STEPHANIE KAYFemale5 Ft. 2 In.125 Lbs.HazelBrown09/23/2016
JORDAN, LYDIA CHERYLFemale5 Ft. 5 In.140 Lbs.BrownBrown09/23/2016
JOUBERT-BROWN, SEBASTIAN JAMESMale5 Ft. 11 In.234 Lbs.BrownBlack08/24/2016
KELLEY, BRITT ALANMale5 Ft. 8 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry09/01/2016
KENNEDY, COREE JAMARMale6 Ft. 3 In.235 Lbs.BlackBlack07/29/2016
KING, MICAH ELLIOTMale6 Ft. 1 In.370 Lbs.BrownBrown06/28/2016
LAHMAN, LARRY SHANEMale5 Ft. 8 In.140 Lbs.HazelBrown09/27/2016
LAMON, RANDAL SCOTT, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.175 Lbs.BrownBrown03/17/2016
LANE, JEREMY JEROMEMale5 Ft. 7 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack04/18/2016
LANE, PRESTONMale6 Ft. 1 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown07/08/2016
LANGLEY, JOSEPH WAYNEMale6 Ft.185 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry09/13/2016
LEE, LATOYA ANNFemale5 Ft. 11 In.192 Lbs.BlackBrown08/03/2016
LEE, VICTOR KEITHMale6 Ft. 2 In.157 Lbs.BrownBrown08/26/2016
LEFFALL, DAINIELE MARCELLUSMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack09/28/2016
LEWIS, LARRY PAULMale5 Ft. 9 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack09/10/2016
LEWIS, WARREN ERNESTMale5 Ft. 6 In.205 Lbs.BrownBlack09/04/2016
LINTON, KODYE RYANMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry04/14/2016
LOPEZ, ABELMale5 Ft. 8 In.215 Lbs.BrownBrown12/08/2015
LOPEZ, DANIELMale5 Ft. 3 In.225 Lbs.BlackBrown12/21/2015
LOPEZ, FABIANMale5 Ft. 7 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack08/10/2016
LUVIONO, MARTINMale5 Ft. 6 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack08/20/2016
LYNCH, JAMES PRESTONMale5 Ft. 5 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown12/16/2015
MALDONADO, ERNESTO RICARDOMale5 Ft. 10 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown07/25/2016
MANDUJANO, JUAN FRANCISCO, Jr.Male6 Ft.250 Lbs.BrownBrown09/16/2016
MARK, JACARLOS LEROYMale5 Ft. 7 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack05/08/2016
MARTIN, KEVIN DERALMale6 Ft. 1 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack04/19/2016
MARZE, BARBARA DENISEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.130 Lbs.BrownBrown09/02/2016
MAXIE, SHIMEKI MOZELLFemale5 Ft. 9 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack09/28/2016
MENDEZ, MIGUEL ANGELMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack06/23/2016
MEYER, CLIFTONMale5 Ft. 8 In.165 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry09/21/2016
MIJARES, MIGUEL ANGELMale5 Ft. 9 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack02/11/2016
MILLER, RYAN THERONMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry08/06/2016
MONTES, CHARLES KENTMale5 Ft. 9 In.175 Lbs.BlueRed or Auburn09/10/2016
MOORE, JEREMIAH EMANUELMale5 Ft. 9 In.225 Lbs.BrownBlack06/12/2016
MOORE, SHAWN HUGH HEFNERMale5 Ft. 11 In.250 Lbs.BlackBlack04/19/2016
MURPHY, RONALD TYRONE, Jr.Male6 Ft. 1 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack06/07/2016
OCHOA, MARCELOMale5 Ft. 8 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack08/13/2016
PADDIE, CHELSEA CHEYLENEFemale4 Ft. 11 In.100 Lbs.BlueBrown07/31/2016
PAGE, WILLIAM SHANEMale6 Ft.165 Lbs.HazelBrown09/17/2016
PATTERSON, ROY LEEMale5 Ft. 10 In.150 Lbs.GreenBrown09/25/2016
PEEL, KATHERINEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.180 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry07/31/2016
PEGUES, CASSANDRA LYNNFemale5 Ft. 7 In.285 Lbs.BrownBlack07/20/2016
PENA, EMILIO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 5 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack08/04/2016
PENICK, CORY ALANMale5 Ft. 10 In.280 Lbs.BlueBrown08/18/2016
PERSER, JOSEPH TYLERMale5 Ft. 11 In.180 Lbs.GreenBrown06/21/2016
PETTY, CHRISTOPHER CHADMale5 Ft. 7 In.155 Lbs.BrownBrown06/26/2016
PHARRIS, LINDAFemale5 Ft. 1 In.175 Lbs.BlueRed or Auburn09/22/2016
POINDEXTER, TYLER WAYNEMale5 Ft. 8 In.145 Lbs.BrownBrown09/15/2016
POLK, MARCUS ANTOINEMale5 Ft. 8 In.195 Lbs.BrownBlack09/12/2016
POOLE, LAKENDRA SHRAEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.140 Lbs.BrownBrown08/22/2016
PRICE, RASHAD JAMIRMale5 Ft. 11 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack07/22/2016
QUIROZ, ABRAMMale5 Ft. 7 In.110 Lbs.BrownBlack09/15/2016
QUIROZ, PORFIRIO MALTOSMale5 Ft. 8 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack05/05/2016
RAMOS, LUIS ENRIQUEMale5 Ft. 7 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack09/20/2016
RANGE, MICHAEL WAYNE, Jr.Male6 Ft. 4 In.165 Lbs.BlackBlack09/01/2016
RAST, CHARLES LYNN, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.GreenBrown09/07/2016
REECE, MICHAEL DWAYNEMale6 Ft. 2 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack09/23/2016
RENFRO, DALLAS FRANKLINMale6 Ft. 3 In.250 Lbs.BrownBrown09/15/2016
REPPOND, BRANDY DFemale5 Ft.140 Lbs.BrownBrown09/24/2016
REPPOND, DAVID ODELL, IIIMale6 Ft. 1 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown10/05/2014
REPPOND, LAURA FRANCESFemale5 Ft. 6 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry08/24/2016
RHODES, RAKEEM LEVONMale5 Ft. 8 In.120 Lbs.BrownBlack06/24/2013
RICE, RONALDMale6 Ft.180 Lbs.BrownBrown07/13/2016
RICHARDSON, V'LENCIA ROZHANFemale5 Ft. 8 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack09/08/2016
RIOS, JAVIER GONZALOMale5 Ft. 9 In.170 Lbs.BlackBrown09/24/2015
RIOS, RUBEN, Jr.Male5 Ft. 7 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack06/27/2016
RIVERA, JOAQUINMale5 Ft. 8 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack07/01/2016
ROBINSON, JOSIA ARISTOMale4 Ft. 8 In.120 Lbs.BrownBlack03/14/2016
RODRIGUEZ, PEDROMale5 Ft. 6 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack07/12/2016
ROSS, DEANDRE RASHONMale6 Ft.155 Lbs.BlackBlack07/06/2016
RUTH, LAQUITA LASHAYFemale5 Ft. 9 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack08/27/2016
SALAHUDDIN, ALMUHAJIR ASKARIMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BrownBlack07/20/2016
SANCHEZ, ANGEL LUISMale5 Ft. 11 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack09/17/2016
SANTANA, ALEX IVANMale5 Ft. 7 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack05/20/2016
SCRUGGS, DAMIEN ANTOINEMale6 Ft. 2 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack09/14/2016
SERRANO, ADRIAN ANDRESMale5 Ft. 5 In.145 Lbs.BrownBrown09/19/2016
SERVIN, MARCUSMale5 Ft. 11 In.204 Lbs.BrownBlack07/14/2016
SHIELDS, GERRIAL DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack09/21/2016
SHOEMAKER, DANNY RAYMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry08/12/2016
SIMMONS, CURTIS TREVORMale5 Ft. 8 In.155 Lbs.BrownBrown04/20/2016
SIMS, WILLIAM HERBERTMale6 Ft. 2 In.280 Lbs.BrownBlack09/21/2016
SKINNER, LOUIS CHARLESMale5 Ft. 9 In.196 Lbs.BrownBlack09/23/2016
SMALLWOOD, GLENN LEDEANMale5 Ft. 5 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack08/15/2016
SMITH, BOBBY WAYNEMale5 Ft. 6 In.175 Lbs.BrownBrown07/31/2016
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER BLAISEMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown02/26/2016
SMITH, MARCUS ALLENMale5 Ft. 4 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack09/04/2016
SOLIS, CARLOSMale5 Ft. 5 In.310 Lbs.BrownBlack09/19/2016
SOLIS, ROSENDOMale5 Ft. 6 In.174 Lbs.BrownBlack09/03/2016
SOUZA, DAVID LEEMale5 Ft. 6 In.BrownBrown03/29/2016
STEED, JAMI SMITHFemale5 Ft. 3 In.130 Lbs.BlueBrown09/28/2016
SUGGS, JONATHON RUSSELLMale5 Ft. 6 In.155 Lbs.BrownBrown03/07/2016
SWENSON, CHRISTOPHER ALLENMale6 Ft. 5 In.205 Lbs.HazelBlack06/23/2016
TATUM, MATHEWMale6 Ft.235 Lbs.BrownBrown07/06/2016
TAYLOR, PERCY JAMESMale6 Ft. 3 In.220 Lbs.BrownBald08/09/2016
TERRAZAS, DANIELMale6 Ft. 2 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack09/28/2015
THOMAS, ANTIONEMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack09/07/2016
THOMAS, DEWAYNE F.Male5 Ft. 11 In.195 Lbs.BrownBlack09/14/2016
THOMAS, NOELLE JEANETTEFemale5 Ft. 10 In.239 Lbs.HazelRed or Auburn08/11/2016
THOMPSON, AUTUMN LYNNFemale5 Ft. 8 In.126 Lbs.BlueBrown09/11/2016
THOMPSON, BLENDA HELENFemale5 Ft. 3 In.110 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry09/28/2016
TILLAR, KEVIN WAYNEMale5 Ft. 8 In.170 Lbs.BrownBrown02/02/2016
TOOMBS, LORI ANNFemale5 Ft. 3 In.110 Lbs.BlueBrown05/20/2016
TUCKER, REGINAFemale5 Ft. 6 In.160 Lbs.GreenBrown08/26/2016
TULLOS, RANDY LYNN, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.210 Lbs.GreenBrown09/15/2016
TULLOS, S. E., Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.190 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry07/25/2016
VILLELA, TONYA DIANEFemale5 Ft. 6 In.125 Lbs.GreenBrown09/25/2016
WALKER, VERSIA DARCELFemale5 Ft. 1 In.144 Lbs.BrownBlack09/26/2016
WALLACE, SHANE MITCHELLMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown06/25/2016
WANGER, FRANZ MICHAELMale5 Ft. 11 In.230 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry09/09/2016
WARD, JOSEPH KYLEMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BlueBrown08/22/2016
WASHINGTON, MADDLAN SHEVONFemale6 Ft. 1 In.235 Lbs.BrownBlack09/28/2016
WATTS, DAVID LEEMale6 Ft.195 Lbs.BrownBlack07/22/2016
WHEELER, JAMES TAD, Jr.Male6 Ft.180 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry11/02/2015
WHITTON, DAVID BRENTMale6 Ft.07/14/2015
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK DEMONEMale5 Ft. 9 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack09/16/2016
WILLIAMS, LYNETTE BASSFemale5 Ft. 4 In.260 Lbs.GreenGrey or Partially Grey08/31/2016
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL LUKEMale6 Ft.170 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry04/05/2016
WILLIAMS, ZANE ROSSMale5 Ft. 7 In.168 Lbs.BrownBrown05/13/2016
WILLIAMSON, BRANDY NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 6 In.125 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry09/21/2016
WILLIS, ROBERT LUTHERMale6 Ft. 1 In.175 Lbs.BrownBrown09/23/2016
WILSON, JOHN RAYMONDMale6 Ft. 1 In.230 Lbs.BlueBrown08/11/2016
WOODS, BOBBY W, Jr.Male5 Ft. 7 In.123 Lbs.HazelBrown08/28/2015
WORTHAM, KENDRICK DEMONEMale5 Ft. 10 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack09/23/2016
WYATT, ANTHONY JAMESMale5 Ft. 10 In.176 Lbs.BrownBlack05/04/2016
ZAZUETA, LERISSA MARIEFemale5 Ft. 8 In.250 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry08/19/2016