Angelina County Jail Roster


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Total Inmates: 235

NameSexHeightWeightEye ColorHair ColorBooking Date
ADAME, CRUZ EDGARMale5 Ft. 4 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown09/10/2014
ADCOCK, FRED ALLENMale6 Ft. 1 In.285 Lbs.BlueBrown12/20/2014
ALBRO, QUENTINMale5 Ft. 4 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack01/06/2015
ALLEN, ERIC CLARKMale5 Ft. 7 In.170 Lbs.BlueBrown06/30/2014
ANDERSON, AMANDA MARIEFemale4 Ft. 8 In.108 Lbs.BrownRed or Auburn10/24/2014
ARLINE, CHARLES EUGENE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.237 Lbs.BrownBlack01/23/2015
ARMENTA, LUIS DANIELMale5 Ft. 11 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack01/12/2015
ARNOLD, JAMES WILLIAMMale5 Ft. 10 In.145 Lbs.HazelBlack05/23/2014
ATKINSON, CHRISTOPHER ADAMMale5 Ft. 6 In.135 Lbs.BlueBrown12/10/2014
AYERS, ASHFORDMale6 Ft. 2 In.260 Lbs.BrownBlack12/07/2014
BAPTIST, ZACHARY WINSTONMale5 Ft. 7 In.165 Lbs.BlueBrown01/24/2015
BARRON, JOSE FRANCISCOMale5 Ft. 5 In.175 Lbs.BrownBrown07/24/2014
BEAVER, JACOB ROGERMale6 Ft. 2 In.230 Lbs.BrownBrown01/06/2015
BEGLEY, JOSHUA PAULMale6 Ft.200 Lbs.BlueBrown10/01/2014
BENNEFIELD, AJ LAMARMale6 Ft. 2 In.196 Lbs.GreenBrown12/10/2014
BENOIT, REGAN ANTHONYMale5 Ft. 7 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown11/04/2014
BERRY, JOHN MITCHELL, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry06/01/2014
BEST, BRYAN LEEMale6 Ft. 1 In.165 Lbs.GreenBrown01/29/2015
BLACKSHIRE, MAX RONEALLMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack05/11/2014
BLAKE, CEDRIC TRAMONMale5 Ft. 5 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack12/12/2014
BOONE, KENNETH EUGENEMale6 Ft.220 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry10/20/2014
BOYD, COREY MICHEAL WAYNEMale6 Ft.165 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/10/2015
BROOKS, LINDSEY NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 3 In.115 Lbs.BlueBrown01/15/2015
BROWN, ERNEST RAYMale5 Ft. 9 In.165 Lbs.BlueBrown01/28/2015
BRUTON, ANTHONY RASHAUDMale5 Ft. 5 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack12/01/2014
BUCHLEITER, JERRY LEEMale5 Ft. 11 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack01/22/2015
BURCH, CHRISTOPHER LEONMale5 Ft. 8 In.183 Lbs.BrownBrown10/31/2014
BURCHFIELD, JUSTIN LEEMale5 Ft. 11 In.140 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/15/2015
BURTON, RAYMOND MATTHEWMale5 Ft. 6 In.200 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry09/17/2014
BUTLER, PATRICK SHAWNMale6 Ft.160 Lbs.HazelBrown08/19/2014
CABALLERO, RENE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown07/23/2014
CABALLERO, RICHARDMale5 Ft. 10 In.244 Lbs.BrownBlack01/28/2015
CALLAWAY, JOSHUA CLAYMale5 Ft. 11 In.145 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry01/11/2015
CALVIN, CHRISTOPHER JA-MICHAEL, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack12/05/2014
CARPENTER, UNDEZ JUNIORMale5 Ft. 7 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack12/21/2014
CARTER, KENDRICK DESHAWNMale5 Ft. 9 In.189 Lbs.BrownBlack01/15/2015
CASEY, QUINCY DAYSHONEMale5 Ft. 11 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack01/08/2015
CLEMENTS, BILLY OTIS EUGENEMale6 Ft.225 Lbs.BrownBrown10/30/2014
CLEVELAND, TYRONE YOVANMale5 Ft. 5 In.170 Lbs.BrownBald12/12/2014
COLBERT, TERRY W.Male5 Ft. 11 In.150 Lbs.BlueBrown09/25/2014
COLQUITT, JERMAINE LAKEITHMale5 Ft. 11 In.220 Lbs.BrownBrown09/11/2014
COPELAND, DRADEN HEATHMale6 Ft. 1 In.245 Lbs.BrownBlack11/04/2014
CORDERO, ADANMale5 Ft. 4 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack12/15/2014
COULTER, KENNETH C.Male5 Ft. 11 In.240 Lbs.HazelBrown10/22/2014
CRAWFORD, BUCKIE LYNNMale5 Ft. 5 In.140 Lbs.BlueBrown01/14/2015
CRAWFORD, JASON RANDALMale5 Ft. 9 In.162 Lbs.HazelBrown11/21/2014
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM HILLARYMale5 Ft. 11 In.200 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/25/2015
CRENSHAW, DAPHNE DIANEFemale5 Ft. 3 In.148 Lbs.BlueBrown01/20/2015
CURL, JAMARIAN M.Male6 Ft.165 Lbs.BrownBlack10/03/2014
DAILEY, DAVID CHARLESMale6 Ft. 2 In.185 Lbs.BlueBrown08/20/2014
DANIELS, CHERIA MICHELLEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack08/20/2014
DAVIS, ANGELO HUGHESMale6 Ft. 1 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack12/11/2014
DAVIS, GARY LENEMale6 Ft.205 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey01/05/2015
DAVIS, JAMES LOUISMale5 Ft. 7 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack11/29/2014
DAVLIN, MISSOURI WAYNEMale6 Ft.160 Lbs.HazelBrown01/16/2015
DEATON, DANIELLE ELISABETHFemale5 Ft. 5 In.147 Lbs.BrownBrown01/14/2015
DEERMAN, CHEYANNE JADEFemale5 Ft. 5 In.135 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry11/04/2014
DICKERSON, KEMONE JOSEMale5 Ft. 9 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack09/19/2014
DOLPHUS, PHILLIP RAYMale5 Ft. 9 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack12/29/2014
DRIVER, DAYRIENMale6 Ft.245 Lbs.BrownBrown01/29/2015
DUNCAN, DERRICKMale5 Ft. 11 In.186 Lbs.BrownBlack11/18/2014
EDEN, RONNY WAYNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack11/18/2014
EDWARDS, DEXTER ALEXANDERMale5 Ft. 9 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack11/21/2014
EDWARDS, ELROY, Jr.Male6 Ft. 2 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack01/08/2015
ELLINGBURG, JAMES GLENNMale5 Ft. 7 In.125 Lbs.BlueSandy11/28/2014
FLEMING, COREYMale6 Ft. 2 In.260 Lbs.BrownBlack11/07/2012
FLORES, FELIX MIGUEL ANGELMale5 Ft. 7 In.190 Lbs.BrownBrown04/07/2014
FOWLER, EDMOND DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 6 In.208 Lbs.BrownBlack01/12/2015
FRAZIER, HOWARD DAVIDMale6 Ft. 2 In.185 Lbs.BlueBrown12/11/2014
GARCIA, ADOLFO ESTEBANMale5 Ft. 5 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack01/14/2015
GARCIA, KRISTINEFemale5 Ft. 9 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack08/29/2013
GARRETT, CHADWICKMale6 Ft.156 Lbs.BrownBlack01/29/2015
GARRETT, JAMES CARLMale6 Ft.193 Lbs.BlackBrown07/31/2014
GIBSON, MICHAEL WAYNEMale6 Ft.180 Lbs.BlueBrown12/08/2014
GILBERT, RICHARD LEEROY, IIIMale5 Ft. 4 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown01/02/2015
GONZALES, GABRIEL STEVENMale5 Ft. 11 In.225 Lbs.BrownBrown06/23/2014
GONZALEZ, BUDDY RAYMale5 Ft. 9 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry07/26/2014
GORDON, JOHN THOMASMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.GreenBrown08/13/2014
GOUGE, DAVID DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.BlueBrown09/16/2014
GRACE, RHONDAFemale5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.BlackBlack01/22/2015
GRAHAM, TOMMYMale5 Ft. 11 In.125 Lbs.BrownBrown01/24/2015
GREER, REBECCA ANNFemale5 Ft. 1 In.160 Lbs.HazelRed or Auburn01/08/2015
GRIFFITH, MICHAEL RAYMale6 Ft. 2 In.230 Lbs.HazelBrown12/22/2014
GRIMES, JIMMIE WAYNEMale5 Ft. 6 In.155 Lbs.BrownBrown12/18/2014
GUTIERREZ, JOSE LUISMale5 Ft. 8 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack01/08/2015
HADNOT, KENT, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack11/24/2014
HAIR, KENNETH LEEMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack07/02/2014
HALEY, MICHAEL LEROYMale6 Ft. 1 In.160 Lbs.HazelBrown01/19/2015
HARMON, REGANMale6 Ft. 2 In.205 Lbs.BrownBlack12/19/2014
HARVEY, JOHNNIE CHRISTINEFemale5 Ft. 6 In.130 Lbs.BrownBrown01/14/2015
HATTEN, EMMANUELMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown12/02/2014
HAVARD, GARE DEANMale6 Ft.230 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry04/23/2014
HENDERSON, JETHRO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack01/16/2015
HENDERSON, STEVEN JAMESMale5 Ft. 11 In.240 Lbs.GreenBrown12/15/2014
HEREAUX, ANTONE JAMES LESLIEMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack08/16/2014
HERNANDEZ, MINDY SHAEFemale5 Ft. 2 In.110 Lbs.BrownBrown01/14/2015
HERRINGTON, MARKMale5 Ft. 7 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack01/30/2015
HILL, MICHAEL WARRENMale5 Ft. 8 In.130 Lbs.BlueBrown01/15/2015
HOGAN, ASHTON RAYMale5 Ft. 9 In.200 Lbs.GreenBrown01/30/2015
HOGUE, WILLIAM EARLMale5 Ft. 10 In.170 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/05/2015
HOLEMAN, WILLIAM SHEAMale5 Ft. 8 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown01/27/2015
HOLMAN, KENTAVIAN JMale5 Ft. 10 In.153 Lbs.BrownBlack09/03/2014
HORACE, DARRELL LYNELLMale6 Ft.170 Lbs.BrownBrown06/23/2014
HORTON, ALICE SHIANNEFemale5 Ft. 9 In.190 Lbs.BrownRed or Auburn12/30/2014
HORTON, DUNHAM DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 3 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown08/27/2014
HOUSTON, MAKIO DEONTE-OBRIANMale5 Ft. 11 In.188 Lbs.BrownBrown10/06/2014
HOWARD, WILLIAM CEDRIC, Jr.Male6 Ft.175 Lbs.BrownBlack12/17/2014
HOWELL, ROBERT CAMERONMale5 Ft. 9 In.145 Lbs.BrownBrown01/08/2015
HUBERT, RAYMOND EARL JRMale5 Ft. 9 In.175 Lbs.BrownBrown01/07/2015
HUGHES, ASHLEYFemale5 Ft. 3 In.155 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/16/2014
HUMPHRIES, AMBER NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.107 Lbs.BlueSandy11/13/2014
HUNT, JARRED TY'VEONMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BrownBlack01/06/2015
JACKSON, MARQUIEZ JERMAINEMale6 Ft.150 Lbs.BlackBlack10/20/2014
JENKINS, TAURUS LEEANTHONYMale5 Ft. 4 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack01/26/2015
JOHNSON, CORWIN ALVIONEMale5 Ft. 9 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack01/13/2015
JOHNSON, DESHAMUS DAQUANNMale5 Ft. 10 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack01/16/2015
JOHNSON, JEREMY JEROMEMale5 Ft. 8 In.140 Lbs.BlackBlack07/23/2014
JOHNSON, JIMI LEEMale6 Ft.350 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/20/2015
JOHNSON, STEPHEN JAKEMale5 Ft. 8 In.230 Lbs.BrownBlack07/20/2014
JONES, JACOLBY SHAUNMale5 Ft. 8 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack07/27/2014
JONES, STANFORD DEWAYNE, Sr.Male6 Ft. 2 In.195 Lbs.BrownBlack06/02/2014
KEENE, BARBARA LYNNFemale4 Ft. 10 In.100 Lbs.BlueBrown01/15/2015
KERSEE, HEWITT GENE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 8 In.214 Lbs.BrownBlack01/01/2015
KNIGHT, CODY J-MICHAELMale5 Ft. 8 In.190 Lbs.BlueBrown01/15/2015
LAHMAN, LARRY SHANEMale5 Ft. 8 In.165 Lbs.HazelBrown01/28/2015
LANCASTER, SAMUELMale5 Ft. 9 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack05/19/2014
LANE, ZACKERY RAFEALMale5 Ft. 8 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack12/08/2014
LANGLEY, LARRY W.Male5 Ft. 9 In.165 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/28/2015
LAUDERDALE, TIFFANY HALLFemale5 Ft. 3 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown10/31/2014
LEE, LATOYA ANNFemale5 Ft. 11 In.230 Lbs.BlackBrown10/27/2014
LEWIS, CORNIELUS DESHUNMale5 Ft. 9 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown10/06/2014
LEWIS, KELVIN LAMONT, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown11/03/2014
LINTON, KODYE RYANMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry08/12/2014
LOPEZ, HEATHER MICHELLEFemale5 Ft. 2 In.146 Lbs.BrownBrown01/29/2015
LOUT, JIMMY DEVANMale5 Ft. 8 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack01/06/2015
LYDIA, GERRY DEWAINMale6 Ft.219 Lbs.BrownBlack01/12/2015
MARINO, JOHN MICHAELMale5 Ft. 10 In.215 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey07/28/2014
MARTINEZ, JESUSMale5 Ft. 6 In.108 Lbs.BrownBrown10/29/2014
MAXIE, BRADLEY DAMONDMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack11/07/2014
MCCLELAND, LAURA JEANFemale4 Ft. 11 In.105 Lbs.BrownBrown01/23/2015
MCCOY, DOUGLAS PAULMale5 Ft. 8 In.185 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry09/26/2014
MCDANIEL, GARRY LEEMale5 Ft. 9 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown12/16/2014
MCGEE, KENVICKMale5 Ft. 11 In.138 Lbs.BrownBlack07/31/2014
MCQUEEN, DARWINMale6 Ft. 1 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack09/05/2014
MCQUEEN, JAQWANDA LASHEYFemale5 Ft. 10 In.125 Lbs.BrownBlack01/07/2015
MEEKS, ALICIA RACHELLFemale5 Ft.104 Lbs.GreenBrown12/16/2014
MENEFEE, CHESTER, Jr.Male5 Ft. 8 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack11/16/2014
MEZGER, DYLAN DEANMale6 Ft. 5 In.180 Lbs.BlueBrown01/13/2015
MILLS, DERALD DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack01/29/2015
MITCHELL, TIMOTHY SHANEMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BrownBlack01/27/2015
MOFFETT, JEFFERY ADAMMale6 Ft. 4 In.235 Lbs.BrownBlack01/17/2015
MOJEKWU, DERRICK COLESMale5 Ft. 8 In.205 Lbs.BrownBlack10/21/2014
MONTGOMERY, ALEX DEWAYNE, Sr.Male5 Ft. 8 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack07/14/2014
MOORE, BRANDON CARLOSMale5 Ft. 11 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack12/11/2014
MOORE, DONTAE CORNELIUSMale6 Ft.160 Lbs.BrownBlack07/29/2014
MORALES, JOEY MITCHELLMale6 Ft. 2 In.225 Lbs.GreenBrown01/09/2015
MUNIZ, DANIEL ANDRESMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack08/30/2013
NERREN, ALLEN VERDELLMale5 Ft. 8 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown10/27/2014
PADIERNA, MOISES SANTAMARIAMale5 Ft. 9 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack07/30/2014
PEE, JAROD RAYMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/16/2014
PENSON, RICKY DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.184 Lbs.BrownBlack01/12/2015
PHILLIPS, LESTER JOEMale5 Ft. 7 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack01/12/2015
PIPKIN, BRANDON LEEMale5 Ft. 9 In.140 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry12/02/2014
RAINEY, JACLARENCE DEEDWARDEMale6 Ft. 2 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack12/25/2014
RAMIREZ, LUIS ALBERTOMale5 Ft. 7 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack01/27/2015
RAMOS, LUIS ENRIQUEMale5 Ft. 7 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack07/26/2014
RAST, CHARLESMale5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.GreenBrown01/05/2015
RAWLS, KIMBERLY SHAREYFemale5 Ft. 5 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack01/30/2015
REAGAN, ERIC VUNZEALMale6 Ft.165 Lbs.BrownBlack12/23/2014
REPPOND, DAVID ODELL, IIIMale6 Ft. 1 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown10/05/2014
REYES, GERMANMale5 Ft. 7 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack10/05/2014
RHODES, RAKEEM LEVONMale5 Ft. 8 In.120 Lbs.BrownBlack06/24/2013
RHODES, TANNER WADEMale5 Ft. 8 In.164 Lbs.HazelBrown12/21/2014
ROBERTSON, SHANTE LATREISFemale5 Ft. 6 In.250 Lbs.BrownBlack12/20/2014
ROBINS, DECORIN DEAUNDREMale6 Ft. 1 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack01/22/2015
ROBINSON, JOSIAMale5 Ft. 5 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack01/30/2015
ROGERS, DARRELL DEWAYNEMale6 Ft. 5 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack10/22/2014
ROSADO, AMAURI LABOYMale5 Ft. 5 In.140 Lbs.HazelBlack09/07/2014
RUBIO, ERICMale5 Ft. 6 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack09/20/2013
RUTH, ANTHONY KIEANDREMale6 Ft.200 Lbs.BrownBrown01/26/2015
RUTH, TENISHA NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 2 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack12/01/2014
RYAN, JAMES DEREKMale5 Ft. 7 In.165 Lbs.HazelBrown11/26/2014
SANCHEZ, JOSE JESUSMale6 Ft.208 Lbs.BrownBlack01/27/2015
SANDERS, RUBEN REYESMale5 Ft. 7 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack12/31/2014
SANFORD, RODNEY LAVELLMale6 Ft.190 Lbs.BrownBlack12/19/2014
SERRANO, ADRIAN ANDRESMale5 Ft. 5 In.145 Lbs.BrownBrown01/16/2015
SESSUM, MICHAEL WAYNEMale6 Ft. 1 In.125 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry01/22/2015
SHEPHERD, AHMAD RACHONMale5 Ft. 10 In.157 Lbs.BrownBlack10/02/2014
SILVA, JUAN XAVIER, Jr.Male5 Ft. 5 In.160 Lbs.BrownBald11/18/2014
SIMMONS, JASON PAULMale5 Ft. 8 In.168 Lbs.HazelBrown01/26/2015
SIMPSON, JACOBY J.Male5 Ft. 11 In.164 Lbs.BrownBrown10/15/2014
SKINNER, ZATAYMON TIMONMale5 Ft. 8 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack06/12/2014
SMITH, APRIL RACHAELFemale5 Ft. 5 In.150 Lbs.GreenBrown12/16/2014
SMITH, BOBBY WAYNEMale5 Ft. 6 In.175 Lbs.BrownBrown07/22/2014
SMITH, BRANDON LOLOMale6 Ft. 2 In.260 Lbs.BrownBlack01/03/2015
SMITH, MARKUS ALEXANDERMale5 Ft. 8 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack09/19/2014
SMITH, MYKEAL TREYMale5 Ft. 11 In.170 Lbs.BlueBrown01/28/2015
SMITH, ROSALIND WELCHFemale5 Ft. 3 In.165 Lbs.HazelBlack05/14/2014
SMITH, TRAMPUS LEEMale5 Ft. 4 In.165 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry12/15/2014
SOWELL, RICHARD BRENTMale5 Ft. 6 In.163 Lbs.BlueBrown01/29/2015
SPARKS, RHONDA DENISEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack07/03/2014
SPIKES, DANNY RYDELLMale5 Ft. 9 In.201 Lbs.BrownBlack08/12/2014
STEPHENSON, TIFFANY LEAFemale5 Ft. 5 In.192 Lbs.BrownBrown12/26/2014
SUCRE, MICHAELMale5 Ft. 9 In.169 Lbs.BrownBlack10/29/2014
Suell, JaMarcusMale5 Ft. 8 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack01/29/2015
TAMEZ, ROBERTO MORALESMale5 Ft. 1 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack11/17/2014
TAYLOR, EDWARD, Jr.Male6 Ft. 3 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown01/08/2015
TAYLOR, RICHARD WAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack10/31/2013
TERRY, JOE DONALD, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.200 Lbs.HazelBrown01/23/2015
THOMAS, BRANT KEITHMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BrownBlack07/31/2014
THOMAS, CHRISTOPHER SCOTTMale5 Ft. 11 In.150 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry12/09/2014
THOMAS, JASMINE ELISEFemale5 Ft. 6 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack01/01/2015
THOMPSON, NAKISHA LORRAINEFemale5 Ft. 8 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack01/11/2015
TILLAR, KEVIN WAYNEMale5 Ft. 8 In.125 Lbs.BrownBrown12/05/2014
TORRES, DANIEL WESLEYMale5 Ft. 5 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack01/29/2015
TOWNSEND, ADAM LEEMale5 Ft. 7 In.170 Lbs.BlueBrown01/22/2015
TRAPP, GAYLON RUTHFemale5 Ft. 4 In.185 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry01/13/2015
TULLOS, RYAN PATRICKMale6 Ft.130 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/19/2015
VASQUEZ, JOSEMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack01/09/2015
VILLANUEVA, WALTER ALANMale5 Ft. 8 In.250 Lbs.BrownBrown08/26/2014
WATTS, MCKEITH DWAYNEMale5 Ft. 7 In.235 Lbs.BrownBlack01/29/2015
WATTS, MICHAEL DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 7 In.200 Lbs.BrownBald08/26/2014
WATTS, NICKALUS CHARLESMale5 Ft. 8 In.156 Lbs.BrownBrown01/28/2015
WELCH, JUSTIN ELISHAMale6 Ft. 1 In.155 Lbs.GreenBrown06/17/2014
WHINERY, ROGER ALLENMale5 Ft. 9 In.125 Lbs.BrownBrown01/21/2015
WILCOX, GEORGE ORIN, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry10/09/2014
WILLIAMS, DAKOTA BROOKSMale5 Ft. 11 In.150 Lbs.BlueBrown01/30/2015
WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS WAYNEMale5 Ft. 5 In.200 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/14/2015
WILLIAMS, MERLINMale5 Ft. 7 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack11/04/2014
WILLIAMS, ZANE ROSSMale5 Ft. 7 In.168 Lbs.BrownBrown01/07/2015
WIMBUSH, JORDYMale5 Ft. 6 In.195 Lbs.BrownBrown01/29/2015
YOUNG, CARLOS LORENZO MARQUEZMale5 Ft. 11 In.250 Lbs.BrownBlack06/14/2014
YOUNG, TRAVIS ROYCEMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/27/2015
YOUNT, DAVID HOWARDMale5 Ft. 6 In.150 Lbs.BlueBrown07/31/2014
ZAVALA, MARIO RODRIGUEZMale6 Ft. 1 In.192 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey11/18/2014