Angelina County Jail Roster


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Total Inmates: 225

NameSexHeightWeightEye ColorHair ColorBooking Date
ADAMS, GERRY GLENMale5 Ft. 7 In.228 Lbs.GreenBrown07/27/2015
ALEXANDER, DARIONE TY'MONEMale5 Ft. 11 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown05/11/2015
ALLEN, TYNIKA NICHOLEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.270 Lbs.BrownBrown08/03/2015
ALLSBROOKS, MATTHEW JAMESMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BlueBrown06/23/2015
ANDERS, TONY DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.07/15/2015
ANDERSON, AMANDA MARIEFemale5 Ft.108 Lbs.BrownBrown07/07/2015
ANDERSON, AMY LYNNFemale5 Ft. 2 In.115 Lbs.BlueBrown07/10/2015
ANDERSON, NATHAN DOUGLASMale5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry04/14/2015
ARLINE, CHARLES EUGENE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.237 Lbs.BrownBlack04/22/2015
ARNOLD, AMANDA RENEEFemale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown07/25/2015
ARNOLD, JAMES WILLIAMMale5 Ft. 10 In.145 Lbs.HazelBlack05/23/2014
ATKINSON, CHRISTOPHERMale5 Ft. 6 In.135 Lbs.BlueBrown07/10/2015
BAILEY, CHRISTOPHER GRANTMale6 Ft. 2 In.170 Lbs.HazelBrown07/20/2015
BASS, KIMBERLEE ROSEFemale5 Ft.150 Lbs.BlueBrown07/20/2015
BLAKE, CEDRIC TRAMONMale5 Ft. 5 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack03/11/2015
BOYD, COREY MICHEAL WAYNEMale6 Ft.165 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry01/10/2015
BOYKIN, RICKEY SHAYNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.170 Lbs.BlueBrown04/30/2015
BREWER, TIMOTHYMale5 Ft. 8 In.190 Lbs.BrownBrown07/25/2015
BROWN, MARQUES DEARLMale5 Ft. 6 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown05/18/2015
BROWN, RODERICK DAMONEMale6 Ft. 1 In.240 Lbs.BrownBlack07/05/2015
BRYAN, JOSEPH DEANMale5 Ft. 9 In.220 Lbs.BrownBrown07/27/2015
BURCH, JOHN RICHARD, Sr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.160 Lbs.HazelBrown07/21/2015
CAMPOZANO, JESUSMale5 Ft. 5 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack08/04/2015
CANADA, BRODERICK ROSHADMale5 Ft. 7 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack04/18/2015
CARRINGTON, AMY DENISEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.195 Lbs.BrownBrown07/02/2015
CARTER, KENDRICK DESHAWNMale5 Ft. 9 In.189 Lbs.BrownBlack01/15/2015
CASTLE, DAMIEN DESHAWNMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack07/22/2015
CAULEY, DAVANTE KEONMale6 Ft. 4 In.170 Lbs.BrownBrown03/11/2015
CHAMBERS, DAKOTA LUKEMale5 Ft. 10 In.170 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry05/16/2015
CLEVENGER, CODY DWAINMale6 Ft. 4 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack03/09/2015
COBB, MICHAEL DAVID, Jr.Male5 Ft. 10 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown07/30/2015
COKER, SONGUE ZATMale5 Ft. 10 In.06/16/2015
COLE, RACHEL DANIELLEFemale5 Ft. 6 In.170 Lbs.HazelBrown07/14/2015
CONTRERAS, MARIO ALFONSO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack04/27/2015
COPELAND, DRADEN HEATHMale6 Ft. 1 In.245 Lbs.BrownBlack11/04/2014
CORDERO, FRANCISCOMale5 Ft. 6 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack07/14/2015
CRAGER, LANCE MONTGOMERYMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BlueBrown07/24/2015
CRAIG, GREGORY DEANMale5 Ft. 11 In.213 Lbs.BlueRed or Auburn06/24/2015
CRAWFORD, RANDY EARLMale5 Ft. 11 In.140 Lbs.GreenBrown02/20/2015
CROWLEY, DANIEL LYNNMale6 Ft.240 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry05/28/2015
CULLUM, DARRELL VAUGHNMale5 Ft. 9 In.200 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry03/13/2015
DAVIS, ANGELO MOZELLMale6 Ft. 1 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack07/11/2015
DAVIS, MISTI NICOLEFemale6 Ft. 1 In.07/23/2015
DEATON, DANIELLE ELISABETHFemale5 Ft. 5 In.147 Lbs.BrownBrown06/18/2015
DECKARD, BYRON DEKEVEYMale5 Ft. 6 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack06/22/2015
DIAS, LUCINDA RENEFemale5 Ft. 2 In.140 Lbs.HazelRed or Auburn07/15/2015
DICKERSON, KEMONE JOSEMale5 Ft. 9 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack09/19/2014
DOLPHUS, PHILLIP RAYMale5 Ft. 9 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack12/29/2014
DORSETT, WESTLEY ALANMale5 Ft. 4 In.185 Lbs.HazelBrown07/28/2015
DUIRDEN, DEMARCUS LAVETTEMale5 Ft. 6 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack02/14/2015
DUNKIN, JAROD LENMale5 Ft. 11 In.185 Lbs.BlueBrown07/09/2015
DUNSFORD, BILLY JOEMale5 Ft. 6 In.130 Lbs.BrownBrown05/29/2015
DURANT, KASEY CRAIGMale5 Ft. 4 In.120 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry07/24/2015
DURBIN, BRIAN COREYMale5 Ft. 3 In.115 Lbs.BrownBrown05/06/2015
DURHAM, RAIFORD BRADLEYMale5 Ft. 6 In.154 Lbs.HazelBrown07/24/2015
DYKES, SABRINA WILLIAMSFemale6 Ft. 1 In.165 Lbs.GreenBrown08/02/2015
EBARB, JIMMY DERRALMale5 Ft. 5 In.155 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry08/03/2015
EDGIN, DALTON ALLENMale5 Ft. 7 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown07/29/2015
ENGLISH, JEFFREY SCOTTMale6 Ft. 3 In.200 Lbs.HazelBrown07/17/2015
FANCHER, BRYAN LEEMale6 Ft.160 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry08/03/2015
FAULKNER, ROBERT LEE, IVMale6 Ft.05/02/2015
FINLEY, KERWIN D'METRIOUSMale6 Ft.220 Lbs.BrownBlack07/29/2015
FLETCHER, MILTON WAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.210 Lbs.BrownBrown06/18/2015
FLOWERS, BRYAN ROBERTMale6 Ft.190 Lbs.BrownBrown07/04/2015
FLOWERS, LAUREN HOPEFemale5 Ft. 4 In.130 Lbs.HazelRed or Auburn06/01/2015
FRAZIER, HOWARD DAVIDMale6 Ft. 2 In.185 Lbs.BlueBrown12/11/2014
FREE, BENNY DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.HazelBrown05/18/2015
GABBARD, DAKOTAMale6 Ft.150 Lbs.HazelBrown07/01/2015
GARRETT, BRIAN ELRAYMale5 Ft. 10 In.240 Lbs.BlueRed or Auburn07/24/2015
GIBSON, MICHAEL WAYNEMale6 Ft.180 Lbs.BlueBrown12/08/2014
GILBERT, RICHARD LEEROY, IIIMale5 Ft. 4 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown07/22/2015
GILBERT, RICHARD LEROY, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.258 Lbs.BrownBrown07/22/2015
GILMORE, CLAYTON WESTLEYMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.BrownBrown06/05/2015
GRANGER, TOMMY LEEMale5 Ft. 10 In.05/22/2015
HADNOT, KENDRICK JERARDMale5 Ft. 5 In.170 Lbs.BlackBlack06/20/2015
HAMILTON, CARLA JEANFemale5 Ft. 3 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack07/15/2015
HAVARD, LOUIS F., Jr.Male5 Ft. 7 In.145 Lbs.HazelBrown07/24/2015
HAYWOOD, RICKY RENARDMale6 Ft.222 Lbs.BrownBlack03/25/2015
HENDERSON, JETHRO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack07/13/2015
HERNANDEZ, DAVIDMale5 Ft. 7 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack07/12/2015
HESTER, ZACHARY WAYNEMale5 Ft. 11 In.260 Lbs.BrownBrown07/27/2015
HICKS, JAMES RICHARDMale5 Ft. 11 In.08/01/2015
HOLMAN, KENTAVIAN JMale5 Ft. 10 In.153 Lbs.BrownBlack09/03/2014
HOPKINS, JARED DALEMale6 Ft. 1 In.150 Lbs.BlueBrown07/18/2015
HUFF, DREYFUS VANLANDINGHAMMale6 Ft.152 Lbs.BrownBlack06/08/2015
HUGHES, ASHLEY NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 3 In.130 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry06/23/2015
HUNT, JOHNNY, Jr.Male5 Ft. 6 In.165 Lbs.BlackBlack06/13/2015
HUNT, PATRICK DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack07/22/2015
HUNT, WAYNE JUNIORMale5 Ft. 9 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack06/08/2015
INGRAM, JOSHUA DALEMale5 Ft. 7 In.180 Lbs.BlueBrown02/06/2015
IRVINE, XAVIOUS D'QUANMale6 Ft.275 Lbs.BrownBlack03/11/2015
JACKSON, AMICK SELMONEMale5 Ft. 3 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack07/11/2015
JACKSON, CLYDE WAYNE, Sr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.280 Lbs.BrownBlack03/24/2015
JENKINS, MICHAEL PATRICKMale5 Ft. 10 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack05/14/2015
JENKINS, SHAQUILAFemale5 Ft. 3 In.155 Lbs.BrownBlack08/03/2015
JOLLEY, STEVEN EDWARDMale5 Ft. 3 In.06/26/2015
JONES, KOTY JOEMale5 Ft. 6 In.154 Lbs.BrownBrown07/30/2015
JONES, RUSSELL LEEMale6 Ft. 1 In.273 Lbs.BrownBlack08/03/2015
JONES, STANFORD DEWAYNE, Sr.Male6 Ft. 2 In.195 Lbs.BrownBlack06/02/2014
JONES, TERRY TYRONEMale5 Ft. 10 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack07/25/2015
KAY, RICHARD PAULMale5 Ft. 10 In.08/03/2015
KILGORE, CANDACE ILENEFemale5 Ft. 5 In.150 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry07/31/2015
LANDRUM, JAMIE LEONMale5 Ft. 6 In.140 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry07/26/2015
LAWSON, JOHN DAVIDMale6 Ft. 3 In.275 Lbs.BlueBrown07/06/2015
LESTER, JENNIFER ROSANNEFemale5 Ft. 5 In.140 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry05/22/2015
LEWIS, BRANDON FONTELLEMale6 Ft. 2 In.210 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry04/29/2015
LEWIS, KELVIN LAMONT, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBrown11/03/2014
LILLEY, TRAVIS WALTERMale6 Ft. 1 In.230 Lbs.BlueBrown07/12/2015
LINTON, KODYE RYANMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry06/22/2015
LONGORIA, CRYSTAL LASHAYFemale5 Ft. 3 In.125 Lbs.BrownBlack06/11/2015
LOPEZ, ABELMale5 Ft. 8 In.215 Lbs.BrownBrown07/02/2015
LOPEZ, KRYSTLE LEEFemale5 Ft.115 Lbs.BrownBrown07/24/2015
LOPEZ, TERESA MFemale5 Ft. 4 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack07/24/2015
LUNA, JUSTIN DAVIDMale5 Ft. 11 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack05/08/2015
MACIAS, RICARDOMale5 Ft. 8 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack06/30/2015
MACK, GERVENSKI JERMAINEMale6 Ft. 1 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack03/11/2015
MANGUM, SCOTTY WAYNEMale6 Ft. 1 In.06/10/2015
MARBELLA, JOSEPH, IVMale6 Ft.290 Lbs.BlueRed or Auburn03/09/2015
MARINO, JAMIE DOMINICMale5 Ft. 8 In.150 Lbs.BlueSandy04/19/2015
MARK, KAREEM ABDUL JABBARMale6 Ft.185 Lbs.BrownBlack04/15/2015
MAY, KAYLA MCDONALDFemale5 Ft. 8 In.165 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry06/21/2015
MAYON, ANDREA DEANNFemale5 Ft. 3 In.145 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry07/14/2015
MCCLAIN, REGINALD DAVIDMale5 Ft. 4 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack06/26/2015
MCCLELAND, MOSES ERNESTMale5 Ft. 6 In.184 Lbs.BrownBlack06/09/2015
MCGREGOR, JAKENDRICK DANDREMale5 Ft. 8 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack07/16/2015
MEADOWS, MICHAEL WAYNEMale5 Ft. 8 In.07/15/2015
MEEKS, ALICIA RACHELLFemale5 Ft.104 Lbs.GreenBrown12/16/2014
MENEFEE, CHESTER, Jr.Male5 Ft. 8 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack11/16/2014
MITCHELL, TIMOTHY SHANEMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BrownBlack01/27/2015
MOORE, BRIAN WESLEYMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry07/05/2015
MORRIS, WAYNE LEIGHTONMale6 Ft. 4 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown06/24/2015
MUCKELROY, RODNEY DEWAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack04/02/2015
MUMPHREY, NATHAN ODELLMale5 Ft. 8 In.280 Lbs.BrownBlack06/05/2015
MUNIZ, DANIEL ANDRESMale5 Ft. 8 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack08/30/2013
MUTTERS, KYLEMale6 Ft.175 Lbs.BrownBrown08/01/2015
NERREN, ALLEN VERDELLMale5 Ft. 8 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown10/27/2014
NICHOLSON, ATIBA JERMAINE, Jr.Male5 Ft. 5 In.115 Lbs.BrownBlack03/18/2015
OLIPHANT, ANTYWINE TRIALLMale5 Ft. 9 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlack04/15/2015
OLVERA, ERIC MICHAELMale5 Ft. 9 In.190 Lbs.BrownBrown06/09/2015
PARKER, JANETTEFemale5 Ft. 5 In.160 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry07/17/2015
PEREZ, PABLOMale5 Ft. 7 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack08/02/2015
PINNER, KEVIN DAVIDMale6 Ft. 3 In.165 Lbs.BrownBrown06/29/2015
PIPKIN, BRANDON LEEMale5 Ft. 9 In.140 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry12/02/2014
POLK, MARCUS ANTOINEMale5 Ft. 8 In.195 Lbs.BrownBlack06/23/2015
PRESTON, STEPHEN JAVANCEMale5 Ft. 10 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack07/17/2015
PROVOST, AMBER JOANNFemale5 Ft. 8 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack08/04/2015
QUIROZ, ABRAMMale5 Ft. 7 In.110 Lbs.BrownBlack07/23/2015
RAMIREZ, ADAN FLORINDOMale5 Ft. 6 In.179 Lbs.BrownBlack07/10/2015
REED, ZACHARY BLAINEMale5 Ft. 6 In.07/06/2015
RENFRO, DEEDRICK DAVONNEMale5 Ft. 9 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack06/26/2015
REPPOND, DAVID ODELL, IIIMale6 Ft. 1 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown10/05/2014
REYNOLDS, STEVEN DWIGHTMale6 Ft.170 Lbs.BrownBrown08/04/2015
RHODES, MITCHELL BRADLEYMale5 Ft. 10 In.180 Lbs.BrownBrown06/08/2015
RHODES, RAKEEM LEVONMale5 Ft. 8 In.120 Lbs.BrownBlack06/24/2013
RIOJAS, EDUARDO, Jr.Male5 Ft. 10 In.140 Lbs.BrownBlack07/27/2015
RIVERA, JOAQUINMale5 Ft. 8 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack07/31/2015
ROARK, MARK ALANMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.GreenBrown07/30/2015
ROGERS, STACY LAZARDMale6 Ft. 1 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack02/04/2015
ROSARIO, JARROD ANTHONYMale5 Ft. 6 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack04/22/2015
ROWLAND, AUSTIN WAYNEMale6 Ft. 1 In.180 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry07/22/2015
RYAN, JAMES DEREKMale5 Ft. 7 In.165 Lbs.HazelBrown11/26/2014
SHANKLE, TIFFANY ANNFemale5 Ft. 7 In.130 Lbs.BrownBrown07/29/2015
SHELVIN, XAVIER DOMINIQUEMale5 Ft. 11 In.173 Lbs.BrownBlack03/18/2015
SHEPHERD, AHMAD RACHONMale5 Ft. 10 In.157 Lbs.BrownBlack10/02/2014
SHUELL, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHERMale6 Ft. 4 In.188 Lbs.HazelBrown07/08/2015
SIMONEAUX, WILFRED RANDY, Jr.Male5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry03/24/2015
SIMS, WILLIAM HERBERTMale6 Ft. 2 In.280 Lbs.BrownBlack04/17/2015
SINGLETARY, ALFRED DALE, Jr.Male6 Ft. 1 In.164 Lbs.BrownBlack05/28/2015
SLAUGHTER, SHARON MARIEFemale5 Ft. 3 In.140 Lbs.HazelBrown07/26/2015
SMALLWOOD, GLENN EARL, Jr.Male6 Ft. 2 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack07/09/2015
SMITH, ANTOINETTE MARIEFemale5 Ft. 7 In.120 Lbs.BrownBlack05/02/2015
SMITH, DEVELLE TREYMale5 Ft. 6 In.295 Lbs.BrownBlack07/24/2015
SMITH, MARK TROYMale5 Ft. 11 In.155 Lbs.BlueBrown04/24/2015
SMITH, ROBERT JASONMale5 Ft. 10 In.150 Lbs.BrownBlond or Strawberry06/17/2015
SMITH, RONDARIUS TRAVILLAMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack07/30/2015
SMITH, TRAMPUS LEEMale5 Ft. 4 In.165 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry12/15/2014
SNOW, ELIZABETH ANNFemale5 Ft. 1 In.100 Lbs.BlueBrown03/28/2015
STARLING, GRADY RANDALLMale6 Ft. 2 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack06/20/2015
STEWART, MARK ANTHONYMale6 Ft. 2 In.140 Lbs.HazelBrown07/17/2015
SWINT, MICHAEL JEWELMale6 Ft. 1 In.220 Lbs.BrownBlack06/01/2015
TARVER, LATISHA ANNFemale5 Ft. 3 In.170 Lbs.BrownBrown06/29/2015
TAYLOR, EDWARD, Jr.Male6 Ft. 3 In.200 Lbs.BrownBrown01/08/2015
TAYLOR, RICHARD WAYNEMale5 Ft. 10 In.190 Lbs.BrownBlack10/31/2013
THOMAS, JASMINE ELISEFemale5 Ft. 6 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack07/17/2015
THOMAS, MICHELLE SARAHFemale5 Ft. 5 In.170 Lbs.BrownBlack07/28/2015
TRAPP, LEE ANNFemale5 Ft. 6 In.145 Lbs.HazelBlond or Strawberry03/27/2015
TRIMBLE, LARRY DONMale5 Ft. 4 In.168 Lbs.BrownBlack08/01/2015
TUCKER, CHARLES WILLARDMale5 Ft. 10 In.160 Lbs.BrownGrey or Partially Grey04/16/2015
TULLOS, MEGAN NICOLEFemale5 Ft. 8 In.125 Lbs.GreenBlond or Strawberry05/22/2015
TURCIOS, JEKSON JOBIAYMale5 Ft. 5 In.145 Lbs.BrownBlack07/16/2015
TURNER, ALONZO MAXIEMale5 Ft. 9 In.215 Lbs.BrownBlack05/28/2015
TURNER, EDDIE CHARLESMale5 Ft. 9 In.160 Lbs.BrownBlack02/19/2015
VELASQUEZ, AMILCARMale5 Ft. 6 In.260 Lbs.BrownBlack07/01/2015
VELIZ, MICHEAL PIERREMale5 Ft. 5 In.180 Lbs.BrownBlack06/22/2015
VILLELA, FAUSTINOMale5 Ft. 5 In.07/29/2015
WALKER, TOMMY JOEMale6 Ft.140 Lbs.HazelBrown06/18/2015
WALLACE, TOMMY EARLMale6 Ft. 5 In.200 Lbs.BrownBlack04/14/2015
WALTON, DAVID LEEMale6 Ft. 5 In.08/02/2015
WALTON, LANNY DERECKMale5 Ft. 8 In.179 Lbs.BrownBlack04/29/2015
WARD, SHAUNMale6 Ft. 2 In.210 Lbs.BrownBlack06/22/2015
WASHINGTON, PHYLLIS RENAEFemale5 Ft. 1 In.115 Lbs.BrownBrown08/02/2015
WEATHERLY, AMBER DENISEFemale5 Ft. 5 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown07/21/2015
WHEELER, JAMES TAD, Jr.Male6 Ft.180 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry03/25/2015
WHITE, MILAN RAMON, Jr.Male5 Ft. 11 In.165 Lbs.BrownBlack07/16/2015
WHITTEMORE, MATTHEW TAYLORMale5 Ft. 8 In.160 Lbs.BrownRed or Auburn07/16/2015
WHITTON, DAVID BRENTMale5 Ft. 8 In.07/14/2015
WIDEMAN, BOBBIE JOEMale6 Ft. 1 In.175 Lbs.BrownBrown07/27/2015
WILLIAMS, CORDARIOUS DIONMale5 Ft. 7 In.175 Lbs.BrownBlack03/18/2015
WILLIAMS, DANIEL LEEMale5 Ft. 9 In.165 Lbs.BlueBlond or Strawberry07/19/2015
WILLIAMS, JERRY BENARDMale5 Ft. 6 In.170 Lbs.BrownBrown03/12/2015
WILLIAMS, JOHNATHAN DAVIDMale6 Ft. 3 In.200 Lbs.BlueBrown08/03/2015
WILSON, DERRICK DELANEMale5 Ft. 11 In.190 Lbs.HazelBrown05/16/2015
WILSON, ZHIKAVAN MARTYCEMale5 Ft. 11 In.185 Lbs.BrownBlack06/26/2015
WIMBUSH, JORDYMale5 Ft. 6 In.195 Lbs.BrownBrown01/29/2015
WOFFORD, LANITRA MICOLEFemale5 Ft. 3 In.130 Lbs.BrownBlack06/16/2015
WOODS, ANDRE MONTRELMale5 Ft. 6 In.135 Lbs.BrownBlack07/13/2015
WOODS, ANTHONY GERARD, Jr.Male6 Ft.250 Lbs.BrownBlack07/25/2015
WOODS, MARKUS LEEMale6 Ft. 2 In.220 Lbs.BrownBrown07/17/2015
WORRY, LANE DALEMale5 Ft. 8 In.145 Lbs.BrownBrown07/07/2015
YARBROUGH, QUINTON LORENZMale5 Ft. 11 In.160 Lbs.BrownBrown04/15/2015
YOUNG, CARLOS LORENZO MARQUEZMale5 Ft. 11 In.250 Lbs.BrownBlack06/14/2014
YOUNT, DAVID HOWARDMale5 Ft. 6 In.150 Lbs.BlueBrown07/31/2014