Article I

Name: This Commission created by the statutes of the State of Texas, shall be known as the Angelina County Historical Commission (hereinafter called the ”Commission”).

Article II

Authority: This Commission shall be organized and governed under the provisions of Article 6145.1 of Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes.

Article III

Purpose: The purpose of the Commission shall be to coordinate and supervise the work of historic preservation in Angelina County. This shall include the locating of and recommendations for marking historical sites and structures, the fostering of the protections and preservation of historical sites, structures, records, documents, photographs and other related materials, the informing of the community of historical activities, the involvement of the community in historical preservation, and the interaction with other related agencies, groups and civic organizations involved in Angelina County’s historical heritage.

Article IV

Membership: Membership shall be composed of at least seven members, shall endeavor for representation from all areas of the county and shall be appointed by the Angelina County Commissioners Court during January of odd-numbered years. Term of office runs until January of the next odd-numbered year. Additional members may be appointed during the term. Because regular attendance and participation in the work of the Commission by its members is essential to the success of its programs, the executive committee may exercise an option of dropping any member(s) for non-attendance of meetings.

Article V

Officers: The officers of the Commission shall be as follows and shall be elected at the January meeting of odd numbered years:

  • The Chairman shall provide leadership to the Commission and serve as the executive officer of the Commission and shall be a member of all standing committees except Nominating.
  • The Vice-Chairman shall provide leadership to the Commission and exercise executive duties in the absence of the Chairman.
  • The Secretary shall keep a record of all Commission and committee meetings.
  • The Treasurer shall account for the funds of the Commission.

Article VI

Meetings: The Commission shall meet at least four (4) times during each year at a time and place to be determined by the Chairman. The meetings shall be held as follows:

  • At all Commission meetings, a majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum; at all meetings of committees, a majority of the committee membership shall constitute a quorum.
  • Committee meetings may be held as often as necessary and such meetings are subject to being called by the Chairman of the committee.
  • All meetings shall be open to the public and advance written notices shall be posted at the county courthouse.

Article VII

Commitees: The following committees shall be assigned by the Chairman to carry out the work of the Commission:

  • Executive Committee shall outline and organize work of the Commission and authorize routine expenditures. It shall be composed of the Commission’s officers and others based on demonstrated leadership abilities and interest in historic preservation.
  • Research and Marking Committee shall conduct research in the history of structures, places and people, nominating appropriate structures and sites for official markers. This committee shall maintain all information on Angelina County historical markers.
  • Historical Preservation and Endangered Properties Committee shall establish an active program to preserve, restore and record tangible evidence of history, including collecting oral histories and monitoring the status of endangered properties. In preserving history, such evidence should be placed in a suitable depository.
  • Historical Appreciation and Publicity Committee shall publicize Commission work through the news media, speeches and contacts with civic groups, tourists and schools. It shall serve as the informational arm of the Commission, encouraging historical programs and assisting in research projects.
  • Budget and Finance Committee shall formulate a working budget for each year’s activity for submission to the Angelina County Commissioners Court; shall also work actively to raise private funds to supplement the county monies allocated to the Commission. The treasurer shall serve as Chairman of this committee.
  • Nominating Committee shall nominate a slate of officers to the membership at least two weeks prior to the January regular meeting.
  • The Chairman may appoint ad hoc committees as needed. Standing committees may be added or restructured by the Commission when needed.

Article VIII

Non-Profit: The Commission operates as a non-profit organization by virtue of its being an arm of county government, and as such is not subject to sales tax on purchase of supplies and service to the Commission. Sale of any merchandise sponsored by the Commission shall be subject to collection of state sales tax.

Article IX

Amendments: Amendment or revision of these bylaws shall require two-weeks advance notification in writing to the membership and approval of two-thirds of the membership present at the next regular meeting.

Adopted by the membership of the Commission at the October 21, 2008 regular meeting.

Approved by the Angelina County Commissioners’ Court on December 9, 2008.