• The Angelina County Courthouse will be closed this Friday, April 3, 2015
  • County Treasurer

    County Treasurer - Deborah D. Huffman
    County Treasurer - Deborah D. Huffman
    Office Location
    606 East Lufkin Avenue
    Lufkin, TX 75902
    Mailing Address
    P. O. Box 908
    Lufkin, TX 75902




    The County Treasurer is the chief custodian of all county funds and preserves the system of checks and balances within the financial administration of county finance. Specific duties include the following:
    • Responsible for all money paid into the county treasury
    • Responsible for disbursement of all funds in the county treasury, with the exception of payroll funds
    • Responsible for expending money from the treasury in accordance with the directions of the commissioners court
    • Responsible for accounting for all funds in the county treasury and submitting periodic reports to the commissioners for approval

    Phone: 936-634-7312



    Renae Hendricks - First Assistant
    Tessa McNeely - Assistant


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